Polish Translation of Breaking the Silence: A Story in Paintings

I recently translated (but forgot to post) a summary of my novel and passages of my translation of Breaking the Silence: A Story in Paintings into the Polish language. Business electricity comparison 

Streszczenie Powieści:Read more

Oppressed by regimes, liberated by colors: Reflections on life in the former Polish and current North Korean regimes

I have been passionate about colors for as long as I can remember. I was born with cataracts, so perhaps once they were removed, I marveled at the world of hues and shades, sheens and tinges with a heightened sense of perception, perhaps to make up for the year and a half which I spent not knowing that everything around me was colorful: the toys, the furniture, the people around me, the sky.

From Romeo and Juliet to Roman and Julian

I'm sure most of you are familiar with the story of Romeo and Juliet. In the video, I explain how and why their love story was transported to the modern times, from Verona to Poland, to form the core of my novel.Read more

The Subject Matter Matters

Imagine that you're transported back in time, about seven centuries or more. You burst with happiness as you walk on a neatly paved road and breathe in the air scented with wildflowers. In the distance, you can already spot the little houses. You quicken your pace, so overtaken you are by curiosity of who inhabits these dwellings.Read more

Roman And Julian

Sprightly Books

There is a particular image of books that pops up from time to time in literature: stacks of books inhabit the quiet, long-forgotten libraries, waiting with trapidation for a chance reader, an avid reader who would change their fate. Such a reader would restore their dignity by dusting their covers & lovingly turning their pages.Read more